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Het Big Bang Support

OMG, hold me

Support Community for Het_Bigbang
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Support for Het_BigBang Participants

Okay, fellow het_bigbang participants, this is a place for your support, hand-holding, sharing of fics snippets, and flailing. Use it however you deem necessary.

Main rules:
1. Posts must be het_bigbang related. D'uh.
2. Please LJ-Cut your posts if it is larger than a 100 words.
3. If you want concrit on your piece/snippets posted here, specifically ask for it. Otherwise, it is the Comm Policy that only postive feedback and cheerleading will be encouraged.
4. Comm membership is available only to those that are officially participating in the Big Bang. Writers, Artists, and Cheerleaders/betas are only allowed. All posts will be f-locked to members only.

Beyond using this comm to generally discuss your fics/cheerlead/complain/support each other (feel free to start posts about these things at any time!), just use it as a place to connect with other Big Bang participants. Since we're coming from across the range of a wide variety of fandoms, let's get to know each other!

There will also be Snippet Days and Block Writing events, to be scheduled after polling.

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